30 June 2007

Hancock County Approves Table Games

Though not by the margin seen in nearby Ohio County earlier this month.

MetroNews has the final tally as 5,022 votes in favor, or 59%, and 41% against, or 3,503 votes.

The Associated Press also offers details.

Mountaineer Race Track and Gaming Resort in Chester had been perhaps the biggest proponent of casino table games, " as a way to create new jobs and preserve existing ones as competition for gamblers grows from neighboring states," the AP reports.

But gambling foes made a stand in Hancock County, AP continues, and "erected billboards along state Route 2 warning voters, 'A lie well told and stuck to is easier believed than the truth.'"

Ohio County voters OK'd the games for Wheeling Island Racetrack and Gaming Center in one of two special elections June 9, 66% to 34%.

Jefferson County rejected table games on that date, 56% to 44%.

Kanawha County votes Aug. 11.

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