03 June 2008

Same-Sex Marriage in W.Va.

The West Virginia Family Foundation wants a special session, or an item added to the one expected later this month, for "a resolution to let voters decide if a ban on same-sex marriage should become part of West Virginia's Constitution," The Associated Press reports.

The group says "rulings in California and New York threaten West Virginia's law," which "bans same-sex marriage and says the state won't recognize such marriages performed in another state," the article said.

"Manchin spokeswoman Lara Ramsburg says the governor believes the group's proposal is better suited for a regular session, rather than a special session," the article continued.

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clear eyes said...

While the legislation amy be "better suited for a regular sesion," it's also better suited for a less liberal legisltature. I'm guessing it wouldn't make it out of committee with our current "representatives," though it would pass overwhelmingly by a vote of the electorate at large.