25 June 2008

Special Session Update

The 19 bills that form Gov. Joe Manchin's special session agenda (House and Senate versions of each) advanced from their assigned committees in at least one of the chambers late Tuesday.

The Associated Press offers an overview of the agenda and Tuesday's progress.

The Register-Herald focuses on that part of Manchin's gas tax relief proposal that would offset any loss of State Road Fund revenues with $40 million worth of surplus. The Beckley newspapers also reports separately on the bill that aims to "make it tougher for thieves to fence stolen catalytic converters."

The Charleston Gazette
also highlights the gas tax measure. It draws attention as well to the item facing the steepest climb: "
a bill to update state law on election advocacy advertising."

With a partisan-line battle shaping up over that bill, MetroNews quotes state GOP Chairman Doug McKinney blasts the measure and impugns the motives of its chief supporters. In something of an about-face from earlier this year, McKinney also attacks the 2005 law that the pending bill attempts to tweak in the wake of a federal judge's ruling.


clear eyes said...

I thought even the legislators realized that Darrel McGraw is a stain on this state. Certainly they realize that he's taking money which should go into general revenue and distributing it as he wishes for his own political purposes. Why are those legislators so anxious to pass new elections legislation to protect him in the fall election?

Will they get away with that? My guess is that neither the AP or either Charleston paper will have any problem with the idea of protecting McGraw. We're unlikely to even hear about the ethics of rewriting election law this close to the election or the conflicts of interest of those pushing the legislation from these "news" organizations.

Chris James said...

Maybe the legislators like bottle opener keychains as much as the voters do.