17 November 2008

West Virginia as a Blue State

The Associated Press explores the phenomenon that has seen West Virginia go red in three consecutive presidential elections, but deep blue when it comes to statewide, legislative and county races.

The review included an analysis that found West Virginia among just a handful of states that have seen one party _ the Democrats, in each case _ hold majorities in both chambers of their legislatures consistently since the days for FDR.

For most of those states _ Alabama, Arkansas and Louisiana _ Democratic dominance dates back to the end of Reconstruction.

AP also reports separately on the few shortcoming state Democrats encountered on Election Day, including the presidential race, while assessing possible future challenges. To state Chairman Nick Casey, they include a better way to respond to massive spending against its candidates, as seen with the last-minute TV ad buys by pro-business groups.

"I want to see the state party have enough resources so the next time one of these interests come in and try to take a swipe at a Democratic candidate, we can push back,'' Casey told AP. "We didn't feel powerless, but it is a very distinct disadvantage.''

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