26 May 2009

The Legislature Returns

The Associated Press sets the stage for Monday's start of the extended legislative session for completing a new state budget, addressing vetoed bills and considering other funding measures.

WCHS-TV is also among those with a preview (and video). The budget is the main item on this agenda, as lawmakers must approve a spending plan for the year starting July 1 that includes around $4.2 billion in general tax and lottery revenues.

"Lawmakers chose to wait until after their regular session ended in April, to get a clearer picture of the recession-rocked economy," the AP article said. "The senators and delegates have given themselves until June 6 to complete this extended session. If they finish early, Manchin wants to follow with a special session to revisit additional regular session bills that failed."

AP reported earlier on the timing of that additional, special session. That articles noted that if the extended session does not wrap up before June 6, "the governor has not ruled out delaying his special session to mid-June... Lawmakers already plan to hold their monthly, three-day series of interim meetings starting June 15."

AP's Tom Breen, meanwhile, reported on the vetoed measures that the Legislature may rehabiliatate as well as the possible items for Manchin's special session agenda.

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