01 June 2009

Obama Still Unpopular in West Virginia

A Public Policy Polling survey found that half of West Virginia voters quizzed last month disapproved of President Obama's job performance so far, Public Broadcasting reports.

Obama's "39-percent approval rating is the second-lowest of 15 states that PPP has polled recently, said spokesman Tom Jensen," the report said. "Obama did worse in Oklahoma – the state that gave him his largest margin of defeat on election night."

"In November, 43 percent of West Virginians supported Obama over Republican John McCain," Public Broadcasting also observes. "This new poll suggests that if anything, he’s less popular now than in November."


Pissed Off Hillbilly said...

I feel a tremendous pride in the common sense of the everyday West Virginian.

tanstaafl said...

Now if they would just take a good hard look at Manchin and bring his approval rating down out of orbit. God, what a poser.