15 July 2009

Audit Finds Even More Problems at Bluefield State

The latest in a series of audits scrutinizing Bluefield State College finds that the school "has management and oversight problems that affect everything from student debt to payouts at the bookstore," The Associated Press reports.

The review of two years' worth of financial records "found the college couldn’t locate inventory items including two automobiles, couldn’t provide documents fully accounting for more than $3.1 million in cash receipts and has been allowing students to receive credit and graduate despite unpaid tuition and fees," the article said.

AP's Tom Breen also writes that "Bluefield State President Albert Walker said the school has already begun formulating policies to put the audit’s recommendations into practice. In six months, when the auditors return for a checkup, Walker said the problems will be substantially corrected."

Others with coverage include The Charleston Gazette.

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