10 July 2009

The Price of Drugs in W.Va.

West Virginia spent $333 million last year on drug- and alcohol-related crimes, "from initial police investigations all the way through parole," The Associated Press reports.

AP's Tom Breen highlights a new study from the state's Prevention Resource Center, which tracked costs from the 2005 through 2008 fiscal years for Gov. Joe Manchin's Partnership to Promote Community Well-Being.

"Based on those numbers, the report estimates West Virginia will be spending nearly $500 million on crimes linked to drugs and alcohol by the 2017 fiscal year," Breen writes. "The new report comes a week after another Manchin-appointed body made recommendations about reducing overcrowding in the state's 14 prisons and 10 regional jails."

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Anonymous said...

Only one thing to do. Get the LAW out of the DRUG PROBLEM. Most of the worst PROBLEMS are caused by the laws. We need more HELP and EDUCATIONAL programs and more alternatives. We need more opportunities for HAPPINESS in life. The drug issue needs to be treated as an epidemic SICKNESS and not as a CRIME. And they need to stop lying and being hypocrites about the "dangers of marijuana" and get on with helping those with real and serious drug problems.