15 December 2009

W.Va. Workers Brace for 2010

The Charleston Daily Mail reports that "between Jan. 11 and Feb. 19, about 20,000 state employees will be required to fill out a job content questionnaire with comprehensive and updated information about the responsibilities of their positions."

Announced in e-mails to workers last week, the surveys are part of a project to modernize the state's " severely outdated" jobs classification and compensation system, the Department of Administration told the newspaper.

"Members of the West Virginia Public Workers Union UE Local 170 are skeptical about the motives behind the initiative," the article said. "State officials expect it will take several months to analyze data collected from the surveys. Any recommendations or proposed changes won't be finalized until late 2010."

The cabinet office has set up a Web site for the project. The Charleston Gazette also mentioned the move.

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