28 January 2010

Legislature 2010: Day 16 (Updated)

  • The Associated Press reports that the state Senate has unanimously adopted Gov. Joe Manchin's resolution condemning any "national cap and trade program for carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions that is unduly burdensome to the State of West Virginia." It now goes to the House of Delegates, which also has its own version of the governor's measure.
  • Update: The House voted 82-7 to endorse the resolution, AP reports. "Republican members from non-coal producing counties criticized it," the article said. "They faulted the resolution for touting recently enacted legislation from the governor that promotes alternative and renewable energy sources, including from technology meant to consume coal more cleanly."
  • AP reports as well that House members are seeking more time to study the state's "other post-employment benefit," or OPEB, funding quandary before plunging in with the Senate on a legislative strategy.
  • The Daily Mail tracks legislation "that would make neglecting to wear a seat belt a primary offense in West Virginia" after the Senate Transportation Committee advanced it to Judiciary.
  • The Charleston Gazette reports on the bill introduced by Sen. Dan Foster, D-Kanawha and a physician, "to ban smoking in public places statewide." Foster "conceded the bill is primarily intended to spur discussion," that article said.
  • Public Broadcasting checks in with Northern Panhandle lawmakers as "neighboring states Pennsylvania, Ohio and Maryland are closing in on the state hoping to cash in on gaming revenues." With audio.
  • The Herald-Dispatch of Huntington reports that the House Political Subdivisions Committee has advanced Manchin's proposal to "allow West Virginia cities to register and impose fees on vacant properties."

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