15 January 2010

Manchin Proposes Scaling Back Video Lottery Machines

The maximum number of video lottery machines that licensed bars and clubs could host would drop from 9,000 to 7,500 next year under a proposal from Gov. Joe Manchin, The Associated Press reports.

Manchin announced he has recommended the cut after a study panel advised no changes to the process for rebidding the permits needed to host machines.

"More than 1,600, bars, clubs and fraternal groups held licenses last month. Together they hosted just over 8,030 of the casino-style machines," the article said. "The 10-year licenses expire and must be rebid in July 2011."


Anonymous said...

Decreasing machines decreases competition and inreases action for the casinos.
This was the plan all along, get the door open with the machines, intro casino gambling, eliminate the machines.
Think Puccio had any input here?

clear eyes said...

Since there are actually less than 8300 machines in operation, the cut is not nearly as large as it looks and certainly not as large as it should be if our state's government wasn't addicted to these revenues.