09 February 2010

Day 28 Roundup

  • Public Broadcasting highlights allegations that state officials and oil and gas industry lobbyistsconspired to weaken a proposed regulatory rule, making a "secret" deal with a key committee chairman in a Capitol hallway. Lawmakers appear to differ on whether the rule change, involving drilling, was secret or debated in public. With audio.
  • Legislative leaders tell the Charleston Daily Mail that "the state is not likely to go further down the path of granting state income tax exemptions to retired public employees," given cost estimates of $20 million and $26 million.
  • Several organizations continue to "push to make West Virginia health insurers cover birth control for teens covered by their parents' insurance, saying that would cut down on unintended pregnancies and abortions," The Charleston Gazette reports.
  • MetroNews reports on a request by higher education officials for funding to train community and technical college students "in the latest environmentally friendly technology."

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