04 February 2010

Legislature 2010: Day 23 (Updated)

  • An Upshur County lawmaker shared his son's struggle with drug addiction while urging fellow House members to support his proposal for funding treatment problems by hiking the beer tax by a penny a bottle, The Charleston Gazette reports.
  • Both The Gazette and MetroNews report "on a hotly debated proposal to let optometrists expand the scope of their practice."
  • A trio of GOP lawmakers "are calling on Gov. Joe Manchin's administration to perform an accounting of all unfilled jobs in state government.," the Herald-Dispatch of Huntington reports.
  • Public Broadcasting reports that lawmakers were concerned to learn that the state's Crime Victims Compensation Fund devotes "about $100,000 a year helping to make residences that have been used as meth labs livable again." With audio.

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