22 February 2010

Senators No Longer So Sure of an OPEB Fix (Updated)

Last-minute problems could prevent the introduction of legislation meant to address West Virginia's massive retiree health care costs, The Associated Press reports.

While hopeful just last week of crafting a bill in time for today's filing deadline, Senate leaders cite ongoing disagreements with House members assigned to study the issue.

"Sen. Brooks McCabe, a Kanawha County Democrat, believes a special legislative session is inevitable regardless of whether the bill beats Monday's deadline," AP reports.

Update: While no bill emerged Monday, McCabe told AP "a Senate committee could still launch a limited bill by Friday." A spokesman for Gov. Joe Manchin said that the governor "is not ready to convene a special session solely for this topic," but would "consider making it part of the session he may call to ensure the state qualifies for federal 'Race to the Top' education grants.

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