16 April 2010

Tax Day Tea Parties in West Virginia

Tea Party activists marked April 15 by gathering in several West Virginia communities to denounce "taxes, the lack of term limits on congressmen and government programs they consider socialism," The Associated Press reports.

AP offers an overview, while also focusing on the event in Morgantown.

The Intelligencer reports that the rally in Wheeling appeared to exceed last year's turnout of 1,200 people. "Among those attending were Republican candidates for West Virginia's 1st District congressional seat, who worked the crowd," that article said. "We The People-Ohio Valley organizers have stressed the organization is non-partisan, containing members of all political parties."

The Journal covered events both in Martinsburg and nearby Jefferson County.

The News and Sentinel reported on rallies in Parkersburg and Marietta, Ohio.

MetroNews has an item from one of the final events of the day, held outside the state Capitol.

AP also reports separately on the rally held in Washington, D.C., as well as on a reaction from President Barack Obama.

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