29 April 2008

DaughterGate Update

The Associated Press reports on Monday's statement by WVU's Board of Governors in support of embattled President Mike Garrison, while also covering the afternoon's Faculty Senate Executive Committee meeting.

MetroNews also has an update, along with a copy of the board's statement and several video clips from the meeting and an afternoon press conference.

Others following up include Public Broadcasting (with audio), The Charleston Gazette, the Charleston Daily Mail and The Daily Athenaeum.

Update: MetroNews' Talkline hears from Peter Kalis, a former Rhodes Scholar, WVU alumnus and chairman of a global law firm, who "says WVU President Mike Garrison should be fired over the Heather Bresch degree controversy." With audio.

The Daily Mail, meanwhile, reports that "c
riminal charges could be on the table for any West Virginia University officials involved in altering records to show that Gov. Joe Manchin's daughter earned grades for classes she never completed."

Update II: AP, MetroNews, Public Broadcasting and The Gazette are among those reporting that Provost Gerald Lang and business school Dean R. Stephen Sears will remain faculty with six-figure salaries though they are resigning their leadership posts.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Gee, what a surprise that the BOG supports Mike Garrison.

BOG chairman Steve Goodwin rigged the WVU presidential search in favor of Garrison.

It's nothing more than business as usual because Goodwin was appointed by...
wait for it-

Mike Garrison.