01 May 2008

DaughterGate Update (Updated)

  • The Daily Athenaeum reports that "'concerned students' are scattering posters throughout the campus and demanding that President Michael Garrison and BOG Chairman Steve Goodwin step down from their positions."
  • The WVU student-run newspaper also finds that "calls from faculty for the censure or resignation of West Virginia University President Michael S. Garrison continued on Wednesday."
  • The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that "the university can provide no records of phone calls Mr. Garrison made during the critical five-day period when WVU decided to award the governor's daughter a degree she did not earn." While "no long-distance calls were made using the identification number assigned to Mr. Garrison by the university," WVU's "cell phone provider has been unable to produce a copy of Mr. Garrison's cellular records," the article said, quoting a WVU lawyer.
  • Garrison tells The Associated Press that "while still insisting he did not pressure anyone to award the governor's daughter a master's degree she didn't deserve," he "does wish he'd handled the matter differently."
  • Gov. Joe Manchin tells AP, MetroNews and The Charleston Gazette that "he does not believe Garrison should be pressured to step down," adding to AP that "You cannot go on a witch hunt."
  • (Update) AP has posted the various scandal-related resolutions pending before WVU's Faculty Senate.


Anonymous said...

Type, Degree Scandal, into google.

Hold on to your hat.

Anonymous said...

After being silent on the issue, Nutting is on the BoG, the Wheeling Intelligencer has finally picked up an AP piece admitting that there is some sort of issue that has people upset over there at WVU

Anonymous said...

You know when you've got an upstanding guy like Bob Wise on your side, you're in trouble.