27 May 2008

The Climate Change Debate and West Virginia

At least two groups are appealing to West Virginians through radio ads as the U.S. Senate weighs "America's Climate Security Act."

The legislation seeks to "direct the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency to establish a program to decrease emissions of greenhouse gases, and for other purposes. "

One of the radio spots comes from AmericasPower.org, sponsored by the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity. The coalition includes most, though not all, of the major coal producers operating in the state.

The Associated Press reports on the other group, the free-market espousing Club for Growth, running ads throughout the country regarding the bill.

While both spots raise questions about the legislation, the latter group is also focusing on this year's crop of candidates. They include U.S. Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va.

"The proposed legislation calls for capping carbon dioxide emissions from power plants, transportation and industrial sources with a goal of reducing greenhouse gases by 71 percent by mid-century," the AP article said.

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clear eyes said...

It'll be very embarassing in a few years when everyone realizes that we crashed our economy in order to cure a problem which simply doesn't exist.