27 May 2008

Manchin Eyes TrAIL Tax

Gov. Joe Manchin has revealed plans to reap revenues from a $1.3 billion, high voltage power line that's plotted to cross north central West Virginia.

The Associated Press and MetroNews are among those reporting on Manchin's proposal, which includes a tax on the
Trans-Allegheny Transmission Line.

The governor's four-part transmission tax plan calls for rate reductions for West Virginia citizens who receive electricity from the line, extra revenue for counties that house the line, extra revenue for the state that will allow it to provide additional services to its residents and free electricity for all landowners who are affected by the placement of the line," MetroNews reported.

The governor's office detailed its proposal after the Sierra Club of West Virginia requested some of the relevant documents in a Freedom of Information Act request.

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clear eyes said...

Do other states do this type of thing with transmission lines or is this just a way to pander to the "common folk" while getting more money to add to waste on government handouts?