22 May 2008

DaughterGate Update

The Charleston Gazette picks up on lingering resentment over the role played in the West Virginia University degree scandal by two now-former faculty administrators.

"WVU Provost Gerald Lang and Stephen Sears, dean of the College of Business and Economics, resigned last month after an investigation found them most at fault for the award of an unearned master's degree to Heather Bresch, Gov. Joe Manchin's daughter."

"There's some strong sentiment that their stepping down into these cushy teaching positions [where salaries are] considerably higher than what most people make is no punishment at all," English professor Mark Brazaitis told The Gazette. "It is a slap on the wrist."

Public Broadcasting revisits the false information given to the press when questions first arose regarding Bresch's degree.

"The official response from WVU was that Bresch did earn the degree and the records discrepancy was related to an unpaid $50 graduation fee," the report said. "As we all know now, this statement was not true." With audio.

The State Journal also weighs in on the affair, while the Charleston Daily Mail speculates on the differing severance package options for embattled WVU President Mike Garrison.

Update: AP reports on three WVU professors who say they are leaving "partly in protest" over the situation there. The Gazette and MetroNews also have stories, with the latter offering audio of one of the departing faculty as well.

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