21 May 2008

Wood County House Race Tied

Wood County's canvass of the Democratic primary has resulted in a tie between Iris McCrady and Tim Fittro for the third slot in its 10th House District, The Parkersburg News reports.

McCrady was head by just three votes before the canvass. "Of the 190 (ballots) added in following the canvass, 183 were overruled provisional ballots and seven were absentee, which were received by the start of the canvass and so are eligible to be counted,” Wood County Clerk Jamie Six told the newspaper.

While the provisional ballots have been resolved, "the hand count is expected to continue into Wednesday," the article noted. "The board cannot declare canvass results until that hand count is completed. McCrady picked up 24 additional votes and Fittro gained 27 after the canvass count."

Either candidate can request a recount once the hand count is complete. "If neither candidate asks for a recount, the board certifies the results and the tie would go to the Democratic executive committee for a decision," the newspaper reported.

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