17 June 2008

Icky Hearts McCain

John McCain did not leave out West Virginia when he compiled a list of "prominent Democratic and unaffiliated leaders and activists" supporting his GOP presidential campaign.

Issued over the weekend, the list includes "
former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Philip Frye" as its sole Mountain State representative.

Frye's brush with political fame came in 2003, when he alleged that his wife was having an affair with then-Gov. Bob Wise. Frye and his wife, a staffer in the state's Development Office, later divorced. Wise admitted to being unfaithful to his own wife, but never commented on whether he had been involved with Frye's.

Frye vowed to challenge Wise in the Democrats' 2004 gubernatorial primary, then stayed in the race when Wise decided not to seek re-election. Sporting his nickname - "Icky" - on the ballot, Frye finished next-to-last in a field of eight candidates.

Thanks to West Virginia Blue for the find.

Update: The Charleston Gazette has a story.

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Chris James said...

Maybe he can land Tom McCallister, too.