16 June 2008

Manchin Deluged as Super Delegate

WSAZ-TV requested and obtained more than 400 e-mails and letters received by Gov. Joe Manchin since early January weighing in on his status as a super delegate to the Democrats' presidential nominating convention.

"52% of the emails and letters came from other states," the station reported. "Clinton supporters wrote the governor from 27 different states, while supporters from 26 states wrote on behalf of Obama."

Manchin replied to many of the e-mails and "indicated the governor would endorse the candidate who won the popular vote in West Virginia's primary."

Manchin endorsed Obama on June 6. While Clinton had won the state's May 13 primary decisively, "
Manchin told WSAZ.com he made his decision only after getting a blessing from Clinton," the report said.

But even while he remained on the fence, Manchin was accused by supporters for each candidate of having endorsed the opponent, the station found.

Some even perpetuated the myth that Obama is Muslim," the report said. And one letter writer from Florida misaddressed Manchin as Gov. Phil Bredesen of Tennessee.

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