13 October 2008

Quote of the Day

“I think this is a trial run. A series of trial runs, to see if they can develop the technology that will allow them to cause a major widespread disruption."

- Delegate Ray Canterbury, R-Greenbrier, who told fellow lawmakers (and The Register-Herald of Beckley) that the recent jamming of the Legislature's web site could have been the Chinese military "i
n search of vulnerability in American computer networks."


Anonymous said...

Because, everyone knows that controlling WV's legislative web site will bring western civilization to its knees.

Scott said...

The Legislature's web site should not be connected or have access to anything that could keep them from doing their business.

clear eyes said...

Shutting down the WV legislature and/or their web site would not be a bad thing. It would keep them from raising taxes and passing more silly nanny-state legislation.