14 October 2008

Is W.Va. in Play?

MSNBC is the latest to raise the question, in part following the first (and only) published poll showing Democrat Barack Obama ahead of Republican John McCain among state voters.

"Something's happening in West Virginia -- yes, West Virginia -- because of the economic angst," Chuck Todd and others opine on First Read. "Obama's been buying a bunch of TV time in markets that bleed into West Virginia, and the numbers have been closing for a time."

The item also links to the Cook Political Report, which has recast West Virginia as a "Toss Up" state, all the way from "Solid R."

Local Republican operative Mark Blankenship predicts to MetroNews "a big, big victory for McCain or a narrow victory for Obama." With audio.


clear eyes said...

It's a shame McCain has bought into the man-made global warming myth. If he hadn't, even the mineworkers might have an obvious choice in him. Unfortunately, either candidate will be terible for coal and WV unless someone can educate them (or congress - less likely) shortly after election day.

Unfortunately, the liberal wealth distribution promises resonate with many West Virginians (especially the half who already pay no federal income taxes and feel entitled to more benefits in addition to the free ride on taxes).

Anonymous said...

Actually both candidates are supporters of clean coal. If coal use is your only issue, then either candidate is ok.

Anonymous said...

It's going to be a lonely four years in the wilderness, Clear Eyes.