11 December 2008

Ex-Lawmaker Busted for DUI While Leaving Gov's X-Mas Party

"The first of four Christmas parties at the Governor's Mansion turned out to be less-than-festive for a Charleston health care administrator and former state delegate," The Charleston Gazette reports.

Pat White, head of West Virginia Health Right and formerly D-Putnam, "was arrested for driving under the influence by Charleston Police after wrecking her car on Piedmont Road at the Capitol complex" late Tuesday, The Gazette reports.

White had been a guest at the first of four holiday parties scheduled for the Governor's Mansion this month. Each features free food and beverages, including beer, wine and liquor. The governor has invited about 600 people to each, the article said.

WSAZ-TV reports that White had a blood-alcohol content of 0.156 percent, nearly twice the legal limit. A Manchin spokeswoman told the station that for the rest of the parties, "we will begin to make announcements throughout the evening reminding everyone to please act responsibly and that our staff is available to assist them should they need a ride home for any reason.""


Donutbuzz said...

Here's an idea:

Cancel the next three Christmas parties. It saves money and nobody worries about drinking and driving!

Darrin said...