19 December 2008

Full Ride Ending for Promise Scholarships?

A state panel is poised to recommend that West Virginia cap its annual Promise college scholarships at $4,500 a student, an amount what would no longer cover full tuition and fees at West Virginia University, Marshall and other state schools, the Charleston Daily Mail reports.

"The draft report from the Promise Scholarship Ad-Hoc Advisory Committee represents a complete review of the 6-year old program," the article said. "The cap would help the state control costs associated with the program."

The article also notes that "the committee also rejected adding any mandatory in-state work requirement, like the one proposed and then withdrawn earlier this year by Gov. Joe Manchin."


clear eyes said...

So much for the "promise." This shows that the real purpose of promise scholarships was to allow the government to get more revenue from gambling. Since this couldn't get approved on its own, the money was to be "put to good use" as promise scholarships. Now that students are actually being helped by the scholarships and the government has its permanent gabling revenue stream, there's no need for the government to keep its "promise."

Anonymous said...

Sucks for families that need help. But may cause state institutions to rethink raising tuition without a never endibng revenue stream.

Kimberley said...

What. A. Crock.

Makes me sick to my stomach to know why, how, and who.

Leon said...

Families that need help can get federal grants. There's plenty of money for those who can't afford college. And, let's face it, college isn't for everyone anyway, no matter what they say.

The Promise is getting sucked up by doctors' and lawyers' kids.
It was all a scam to legalize gambling.