15 December 2008

Ranking West Virginia for Corruption

The coverage of the Gov. Rod Blagojevich scandal has led to talk of the storied history of corruption in Illinois, which in turn has fostered a discussion on crooked state-level politics generally.

The New York Times sought to rank the states for corruption, and sliced the numbers several different ways:

  • West Virginia ranked 32nd for the sheer number of federal public corruption convictions in the last decade, according to Justice Department figures. The state has had 74;
  • It ranked 21st for annual convictions per-capita (at 4.1 per million residents per year);
  • But it climbed all the way to 8th in a 2003 study that "asked state house reporters to assess their subjects and ranked responses on a scale of 1 (clean) to 7 (crooked)." West Virginia scored a 4.7, with Rhode Island topping the chart at 5.5.

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clear eyes said...

Sounds like they don't get convicted in West Virginia.