17 June 2009

Lottery Looks at Indicted Operator (Updated)

The West Virginia Lottery Commission plans to discuss the recent federal indictment of former legislator Joe C. Ferrell and his Southern Amusement Co., The Associated Press reports.

Update: Asked by Lottery Director John Musgrave to suspend the company's license, the commission instead voted to hold off until its July meeting. In the meantime, it wants the attorney general's office to seek approval from the federal judge who ordered Ferrell's assets preserved, as they have been targeted for forfeiture by prosecutors.

As AP explains, "Southern Amusement is one of the state's largest suppliers of 'limited' video lottery machines to licensed bars and clubs. With permits for 675 devices, the most allowed any one operator, the Logan County company currently leases 640 poker- and slot-style machines to 128 retail locations...(that) rake in $2.3 million a month."

AP reported earlier that among other offenses, the 48-count indictment alleges Ferrell ran illegal gambling rackets in both West Virginia and Kentucky, and bribed a Lottery inspector to help his business.

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