15 June 2009

They're Ba-aack (Updated)

The Legislature returns for its second special session of 2009 (and its fourth overall, if you count the extended session for the budget separately), this time to consider end-of-the-fiscal-year funding measures.

As The Associated Press reports, "Gov. Joe Manchin wants the House and Senate to consider 18 supplemental appropriation proposals starting Monday, while they're already slated to hold interim study meetings."

The measures include funding for "public schools, higher education, social services and roads, among other areas," the article said. "At least some of the measure are meant to make up for spending cuts in the new budget."

Update: The Senate has unanimously passed its versions of the six bills containing Manchin's funding proposals, which total $45.3 million and include $39.1 million in new spending. AP has details.

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