30 June 2009

Lynndie England Speaks

Having achieved worldwide infamy while still in her early 20s, "the woman who became the grinning face of the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal spends most of her days confined to the four walls of her home," The Associated Press reports.

AP spoke to Lynndie England as the ex-Army reservist, single mother and West Virginia resident prepares to launch a book touring promoting her new authorized biography.

Out of prison now for more than two years and appealing her conviction in the scandal, England "hasn't landed a job in numerous tries," the article said. "When one restaurant manager considered hiring her, other employees threatened to quit."

AP also spoke to the lead prosecutor in her case, who rejects attempts by England and others to portray her as a scapegoat and has a book of his own in the works. The article also features England's biographer, Gary Winkler.

"Some days I liked her. Some days I hated her," Winkler told AP. "Some days I thought she should be in prison still, and some days I felt sorry for her."

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