02 July 2009

Happy New Year, West Virginia

New fiscal year, that is. West Virginia is among all but a handful of states that start their budget years on July 1.

The Associated Press reports that the Mountain State emerged from the previous, recession-plagued year with "a trio of positive signs for state government’s finances:" a slight general revenue surplus, lottery revenues on track to at least meet projections, and rebounding Wall Street investments.

But the article continues that continuing economic troubles and other factors "overshadow each fiscal indicator."

AP reported earlier on the 2009 legislation that took effect July 1. Those new laws include "Gov. Joe Manchin's proposal to boost alternative and renewable energy sources."

West Virginia also received some bad, but not necessarily unexpected, numbers to kick off the new fiscal year. As AP, MetroNews and Public Broadcasting (with audio) report, "a new national study calls West Virginia the third-fattest state in the country."

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All Click said...

I saw Manchin recently speak and hint at West Virginia's future in renewable energy and moving away from the ways of our fathers and grandfathers.