29 July 2009

Mezz Makes It Happen, Again (UPDATED)

Disgraced former House Education Chairman Jerry Mezzatesta, having recently won his way back into an administrative job with Hampshire County's school board, has agreed to resign in exchange for full retirement benefits, MetroNews reports.

"In exchange for Mezzatesta's resignation, the school board has agreed to pay into the state retirement fund the contributions Mezzatesta lost when he was wasn't working between 2005-2009," the report said. "The school board has also agreed to grant Mezzatesta 100 vacation days and 90 personal leave days that will be converted into health insurance coverage."

The deal must still be approved by the state's Consolidated Public Retirement Board, MetroNews noted.

Update: The Associated Press reports that the estimated price tag of the Mezzatesta deal is around $192,000.

The article is drawn largely from The Hampshire Review. While the full article requires a subscription, the newspaper has posted text of the settlement agreement.

The agreement says that if the state board rejects the deal, Mezzatesta "may elect to initiate a declaratory judgment action seeking to compel the Consolidated Public Retirement Board to accept the aforesaid payment."

Hampshire County School Board President Bernie Hott said "the agreement isn’t covered by the school system’s insurance company, but will instead come from 'our county (school) coffer,'" an online blurb for the newspaper article noted.

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