27 July 2009

W.Va. GOP Sees Mixed Results from Fundraising Goal

Halfway through 2009, The Associated Press checks the progress of West Virginia's Republican Party toward its goal of improved fundraising this year.

"The party's main political fund attracted $83,213 from individual donors between January and June," the article said. "When averaged, the monthly intake exceeds the $12,000 monthly goal set by Chairman Doug McKinney."

The GOP has also raised more, per member, than the state's much larger Democratic Party. "But the six-month total is also below that of the same period in 2008, an election year, or 2007," AP reports. "And at a time when the Republican Party searches for a new, $40,000-a-year executive director, it began July with less than $14,000 left in that account."

McKinney attributes several factors to the results so far, including the recession, an insufficient example from the party's 137 executive committee members, donors who fear repercussions from Democrats, and critics within the party.

But "some of them contend he and his leadership team offer the party rank-and-file few reasons to give.," the article said. "The party activists who differ with McKinney, whose term ends next July, also believe the recession and emerging Obama administration policies give the party ways to lure donors."

And while they lag behind the Republicans in contributions from individuals, "the Democrats maintain two key funding edges over the GOP: their annual fall Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner, and the often hefty transfers from the national party and its members of the state's congressional delegation."

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