06 November 2009

W.Va. and Obama

A French television news channel recently visited the Parkersburg area for a report on how "anti-Obama sentiments run high in the Mountain State," Public Broadcasting reports.

Those interviewed included Ron Lott, who described himself as a Vietnam veteran and who espoused the widely, thoroughly and exhaustively discredited allegation that the president is not a "natural born citizen."

“He’s a Kenyan born nationalist, and I believe that any man that wants to hold the highest office in this country who can’t produce a birth certificate is a fake,” Lott is quoted as telling France 24.

Public Broadcasting also offers audio.

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thefreedomthinker said...

When their is so much worse that Obama is he had to pick that ridiculous thing... Apathetic American's as long as we stay uninvolved as that we'll continue walking right off the cliff into peaceful religion's like Islam and tight nooses like Chinese debt.