02 November 2009

W.Va.'s Stimulus Job Count at 2,409

The Associated Press reports that "more than 2,400 jobs have been saved or created in West Virginia because of federal stimulus funding, according to those who have been spending the money.

The figure comes from hundreds of reports filed in early October. After a review by state and federal officials, they were posted online by the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board.

West Virginia's stimulus site should also have details from the first quarterly update of stimulus spending and effects.

State government spending of stimulus dollars accounts for two-thirds of West Virginia's total figure, according to numbers provided to AP.

"The largest share of those 1,554 jobs created or retained, about 20 percent, were in education," the article said. "The next-largest share resulted from spending on Workforce Investment Act programs, which offer training and other employment services. Another 16 percent came from road and bridge projects fueled by stimulus dollars."

AP reported earlier that by the Sept. 30 end of the reporting period, state government agencies had spent $250 million of West Virginia's share of stimulus funding.

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Stephen Smoot said...

Compared to how many thousands lost because they revoked 80 coal permits?