17 February 2010

Legislature 2010: Day 36 (Updated)

  • The House of Delegates is scheduled to take up Gov. Joe Manchin's proposed constitutional amendment meant to exempt business inventory and equipment from property taxes. Public Broadcasting sets the stage for the expected floor action (with audio and video). Update: The House sent the resolution to the Senate, 95-1, The Associated Press reports. Delegate Linda Good Phillips, D-Wyoming, cited revenue concerns from her county following her "nay" vote.
  • Update: AP reports on the House's 79-17 passage of Manchin's bill to allow municipalities to start vacant building registries. The vote "followed GOP-led concerns over granting such power to local governments," the article said. "Some also questioned the need for the measure, and alleged it threatens property rights."
  • Senate Judiciary Chairman Jeff Kessler is targeting sting operations conducted by New York City officials, among others, meant to catch dealers selling guns without the required background checks, MetroNews reports. The Marshall County Democrat's bill "would ban those kinds of stings in West Virginia," the item said. "The legislation, as proposed, would make it a felony offense for anyone to "persuade, encourage or entice" someone to make an illegal sale." With audio.
  • While the House of Delegates may continue boast a record number of African-American members, one of five now serving has withdrawn his re-election candidacy, AP reports. Delegate Tal Hutchins, D-Ohio, "said an election campaign would only increase the strain placed on his job and family by the recession," the article said.

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