25 March 2010

They Voted for You: Infrastructure & Tax Cuts

U.S. Reps. Alan Mollohan, D-1st, and Nick Rahall, D-3rd, voted for the "Small Business and Infrastructure Jobs Tax Act."

Rep. Shelley Moore Capito, R-2nd, joined all but four of the House's GOP members in opposing the measure, which passed 246-178.

The Associated Press reports that the bill "combines $13.2 billion in interest subsidies for local construction bonds with $3.6 billion in tax cuts for small businesses and $2.5 billion in aid to states to pay for expanded welfare programs through September 2011."

The bonds are meant to help local governments fund projects. "Republicans said the bills were evidence that last year’s massive economic recovery package was ineffective," and that the tax cuts "were too small to make a significant dent in joblessness," the article said.

The House also passed a separate measure by 239-175 that the AP report said "would provide $5.1 billion to fund local disaster relief projects, including some that date back to Hurricane Katrina, and $600 million for summer jobs programs."

Mollohan and Rahall voted for that bill, while Capito and all but five Republicans present opposed it.

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