21 March 2010

They Will Vote For You: Health Care (Updated)

U.S. Reps. Alan Mollohan, D-1st, and Nick Rahall, D-3rd, appeared at a Capitol Hill news conference that unveiled an "agreement with the White House and party leaders to make sure health care legislation does not permit the use of federal funds for elective abortions," The Associated Press reports.

The two were among six anti-abortion Democrats who joined Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich., who said the deal "means he can now support a health care bill headed for a vote on the House floor later Sunday."

C-SPAN carried live video of the announcement, with Mollohan standing just off Stupak's left shoulder. Mollohan also spoke to Politico.

The White House has posted the release that includes the executive order issued as part of the agreement.

Rep. Shelley Moore Capito, R-2nd, opposes the pending bill and has posted a video in which she outlines her position.

Update: A former staffer of Mollohan tells The Wall Street Journal that "she and her organization will work to defeat Rep. Mollohan in this year’s election if he votes for the health-care legislation."

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