08 April 2010

Another Setback (Updated)

The Associated Press reports that poisonous gas and the threat of another explosion has again forced back rescue teams seeking to find four missing men in the Upper Big Branch mine.

One officials said "he hoped crews would be able to get back in within a few hours after a bigger hole was drilled to allow fresh air into the mine," the article said. "They were leaving their equipment behind so they did not have to lug it back in with them when they returned."

Update: A company official provides details from the frustrating turn, but also offered a silver lining, AP reports.

J. Christopher Adkins, chief operating officer of Massey Energy Co., said the teams spotted an alternate pathway for the next attempt as they withdrew.

"When they came out, they found a route where we think we can take a permissable ride, which is basically like a small four-wheeler," Adkins said. "We think we found a route that can get us up there quicker."

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