28 May 2010

Manchin Forming Federal PAC

Gov. Joe Manchin soon hopes to launch Country Roads, a federal political action committee that "would operate under federal rules and raise funds that Manchin could spend to support candidates and attend political events around the country," The Associated Press reports.

The governor tells AP that he sees the leadership PAC as a vehicle "for me to continue to tell the story of what we do in West Virginia... It gives me a chance to talk about all the contributions we have made to make this country great, and hopefully to set the record straight."

The article observes that "forming a leadership committee is a typical step for people who aspire to higher office." When asked about his election plans for 2012, when he is barred from running again for governor, Manchin told AP "I'm going to put myself in the best position possible to serve, and this gives me the vehicle to do that."

"At least two other sitting governors have leadership PACs, according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics," the article said. "Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty started his Freedom First PAC in late 2009, while Haley's PAC was formed after Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour began his first term in 2004. Both are considered possible GOP presidential candidates."

MetroNews may have had first word of Manchin's PAC. The Charleston Daily Mail has an article as well.

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All hail, King Manchin!