12 June 2008

Child Gun Deaths in W.Va.

A recent report from the Children's Defense Fund culls federal CDC data to mark a rise in deaths of West Virginia children from gunshot wounds, The Associated Press reports.

Citing the latest available data, the report counted 19 such deaths in 2005, up from a dozen the previous year. In that more recent year, one death was undetermined and the rest were divided between homicides and suicides.

The report also shows:

  • Total West Virginia deaths declined slightly in 2004 when compared to 2003, when there were 14;
  • Just one accidental death during the three-year period, in 2003;
  • Homicides dipped between 2003 and 2004, while suicides increased (by one or two a year) during the time period.
The report does not appear to consider each state's population. Comparing the figures to 2000 Census numbers for the under-20 population, the age group covered by the report, shows that West Virginia ranked 32nd in 2003 for total deaths per 100,000 such residents. That ranking fell to 38th in 2004, but rose to 18th in 2005.

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