11 June 2008

Semi-Soft Landing for Election Fraud Figure

"Unable to get his state retirement because he was convicted in federal court of conspiring to buy votes, a former Lincoln County assessor has been hired to work as an employee in his old office," The Charleston Gazette reports.

Jerry Allen Weaver "was hired last week to work as a mapper and property assessor for Lincoln County Assessor Tracy Dempsey," the article said. "Lincoln County commissioners unanimously approved the hiring, but one said this week he felt he was misled and did not realize he voted for the convicted felon."

Weaver was among several Lincoln and Logan county residents and officials who conspired to buy votes in Democratic primaries dating back more than a decade. " Weaver pleaded guilty in federal court in 2005 and was sentenced to spend one year in federal prison," the article said.

Update: MetroNews' Talkline spoke to Lincoln County Commissioner Charles Vance, who "says he'll ask the Commission to reconsider the approval given to the hiring." With audio.

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