11 June 2008

Manchin Mixed on Gas Tax Freeze

While he's watching the variable rate to West Virginia's fuel taxes that is adjusted annually, Gov. Joe Manchin appears unlikely to propose or support freezing the main portion of the per-gallon levy, The Register-Herald of Beckley reports.

“The gas tax is not what’s causing this (price) to be over $4,” Manchin spokeswoman Lara Ramsburg told the newspaper. “It’s a national issue that needs to be addressed on the national level, and we keep imploring for that."

The article said that "R
epublican lawmakers are trying to convince Manchin to lessen the tax bite taken by state government in an anticipated special legislative session this month."

It also explains that "
Motorists shell out 32.2 cents in state taxes per gallon, of which 20.5 cents is in the flat rate and the remaining 11.7 cents is based on the 5 percent of the average wholesale fuel prices. "

Update: MetroNews' Talkline hosted oil analyst
Peter Beutel, who says "reducing demand for gasoline by between 5% and 10% would have an impact on the price of gasoline." Beutel also said government subsidies are insulating consumers in other parts of the world from the rising prices. With audio.

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