31 October 2008

PPP: McCain 55%, Obama 42% in West Virginia

Public Policy Polling surveyed 2,128 voters Wednesday and Thursday. The margin of error is +/-2.1%. The probability is virtually 100%.

McCain has picked up 5% from undecideds since PPP polled in the state earlier this month, Thursday's memo notes.

"Obama was never going to be able to win the state without exceeding 70% of the Democratic vote, and in this survey he leads just 65-31 among folks within his own party," it said.

“West Virginia was always going to be an uphill battle for Barack Obama,” adds the firm's president, Dean Debnam. “He’ll certainly be more competitive here in the general election than he was during the primary but it would be quite a shock if he’s able to take the state or even get it within five points.”

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