30 October 2008

Voting in West Virginia (Updated)

A California-based group has posted a video that shows Jackson County's clerk demonstrating the sort of touch-screen voting machine that has prompted complaints of vote switching.

The video appears to show the device switching votes even after the clerk re-calibrates it, as election officials recommend be done in such situations. But the secretary of state's office tells both The Charleston Gazette and Public Broadcasting that the video "is false and defamatory, and is threatening to file a complaint against Video the Vote with the U.S. Department of Justice."

County Clerk Jeff Waybright agrees. "The part they are showing is a total misrepresentation and a fraud," he told The Gazette. "I misspoke during a part of that video. But the machine actually voted properly."

As Public Broadcasting explains, Waybright thought the machine was still mis-calibrated during the demonstration "but it’s not. It turns out the machine is doing what it’s supposed to do. It allowed him to override his straight Republican ticket because he selected (Ralph) Nader for president."

But an official with Video the Vote told Public Broadcasting that “If this is the guy who’s instructed with making sure the machines are calibrated and making sure voters know how to cast their ballots, and he can’t even get it right, how are they expecting voters to get it right on election day?”

The group has since posted the full half-hour interview with Waybright. Public Broadcasting also has audio of its report.

Update: The Associated Press has a story, as does the Charleston Daily Mail.

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clear eyes said...

Obama, his lawyers and his media must be very scared of losing despite the findings of his pollsters. Why else would they expend so much effort to try to prove that Democrats don't know how to vote even before election day? They must feel they are setting the stage to contest the election.