28 October 2008

Voting in West Virginia

  • Secretary of State Betty Ireland tells The Associated Press and others that additional testing has cleared touch-screen voting machines that have been dogged by a handful of complaints since early voting began Oct. 15. County clerks tell AP they're issuing stylus pointers to voters to help them tap the screens in the correct places. Others with coverage include The Charleston Gazette, MetroNews and The Register-Herald of Beckley.
  • The Charleston Daily Mail highlights new U.S. citizens allowed to take their oaths earlier than scheduled, so they can vote Nov. 4.
  • AP also reports that nearly 67,300 West Virginians cast in-personal early votes by Saturday, citing figures from Ireland's office. Democrats have outnumbered Republican among early voters by approximately 2-to-1, reflecting their shares of the overall voter rolls. Early voting ends on Nov. 1, a Saturday.

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Anonymous said...

The activist group Video the Vote met with the county clerk from Jackson County. They have video of a touch screen machine malfunctioning, even after the machine was "calibrated."