04 November 2008

Election 2008: A Final Word from the Pundits & Polls

The final trendlines from Pollster.com show a widening in the McCain-Obama matchup in West Virginia.

As for the pundits, the leading national political analysts released a final round of race ratings within the last several days:

(click to enlarge)

Update: The Pollster.com trendlines reflect two final West Virginia Polls: a survey of 600 likely voters conducted Friday-Monday by American Research Group, which had McCain at 53% and Obama at 43%; and an online poll by YouGov/Polimetrix, which found McCain 52%, Obama 43%. The latter was conducted Oct. 18 through Nov. 1

Update II: Among its "Things to Watch on Election Day," Politico includes Capito among several GOP incumbents against whom "Democrats could have better luck against" under the heading of "BAD, BUT NOT A WORST-CASE HOUSE SCENARIO (20-30 GOP LOSSES)."

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