06 November 2008

Election 2008: Turnout

Despite hitting a record number registered voters, and after the most successful round of early voting yet, West Virginia's turnout Tuesday bucked a national trend that saw ballots cast reach an all-time high.

The Associated Press reports that "a national expert on voter turnout says the signs of an overwhelming Obama win nationally, and a lack of enthusiasm for his alternative, tell the story."

Others examining turnout include The Charleston Gazette, the Charleston Daily Mail, the Herald-Dispatch of Huntington and MetroNews.


Anonymous said...

And yet, I waited for over an hour to vote at my prwcinct in Kanawha co.
12 people in front of me and only 5 machines.
I thought the point was to make it easier to vote, not harder.

clear eyes said...

The goal was not making it easier to vote. The goal was making it more difficult for lawyers to alter the results of an election after the fact (as they tried to do in Florida in 2000). The old way was certanily easier, but this way ensures that there are no bulging or hanging chads to argue about when we decide to abandon accurate machine counting in favor of less accurate hand tabulation.

Anonymous said...

Then the county commission needs to spend money on additional voting booths, and ballot folders.
There's no reason the rooms can't be full of booths. They're briefcases on legs for god's sake.
It shouldn't take an hour to vote.