03 November 2008

Election Eve 2008 (Updated)

  • The Charleston Gazette reports that "The McCain campaign has unleashed a last-minute attack on Democrat Barack Obama, alleging -- by selectively quoting from a 10-month-old interview -- that Obama plans to 'bankrupt' the coal industry with his plan to limit greenhouse gas emissions."
  • Gov. Joe Manchin spoke to CNBC about the campaign battle in West Virginia, and was asked about the Obama comments. Video here. WTAP-TV also has an item on his morning appearance.
  • The Charleston Daily Mail reports that U.S. Rep Shelley Moore Capito, R-2nd, balked at appearing alongside Democratic challenger Anne Barth on the cover of the latest issue of Metro Valley magazine. As a result, Barth appears alone on the cover - to the objection of some Capito supporters and her campaign.
  • (Corrected) Warren R. McGraw II has bought almost $14,000 (updated figure) worth of radio advertising and robocalls on behalf of his uncle (corrected; see filings here), Attorney General Darrell McGraw. The Gazette had initially reported that Warren McGraw, the attorney general's brother, had made the independent expenditure.


Anonymous said...

What does "selectively quoting" mean?
They didn't quote the entire 45 minute interview?


He said what he said.

Anonymous said...

Selectively quoting mean that they took the comment out of context. I am sure you know that and that you also know that Obama isn't interesed in bankrupting the coal industry. Coal does equal jobs and revenue in WV but we do have to look to the future and realize that something has to give. I am sure that if pressed WV miners will concede that they would like to see their grandchildren enjoy a safer and cleaner environment someday. These knee-jerk responses to ideas about cleaner energy options drive me insane. Its not an all or nothing proposition, and coal is a finite resource anyway. And BTW, my father is a coal truck driver so I'm not exactly living in some liberal ivory tower either.